About myFreeview

The DTT Project

(Digital Terrestrial Television)

The DTT Project delivers more free TV channels in high quality sound and visuals, access to Electronic Program Guide (EPG), various subtitles and a HD quality viewing experience for your TV with digital broadcast. In the future, viewers also can access multiple interactive services such as shopping, video-on-demand, subscription and internet services.

Why do we need to make
the switch to digital broadcast?

The government is in the process of migrating the country's broadcasting system from analogue to full digital broadcast. To enjoy digital broadcast, you will need to connect your current TV and the UHF aerial to a MYTV decoder (Type DVB-T2). Alternatively, you can buy a new Integrated Digital Television (IDTV) that comes with a built-in digital tuner.

myFreeview Digital Broadcast

myFreeview is the brand name given for Malaysia's Free Digital Television DTT services, which offer Malaysia's most popular TV and radio channels free of charge, with no subscription fees.

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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new TV set to receive myFreeview services?

• Old TV set can still be used as long as it has an AV/HDMI input that can be connected to the MYTV decoder via an AV/HDMI cable.

• New TV set with the DTTV label approved by SIRIM that comes with a built-in digital tuner which doesn't require a MYTV decoder to receive myFreeview services. It's also known as an IDTV (Integrated Digital Television).

What are the benefits of myFreeview digital TV?

• Sharper and clearer images at a higher resolution.

• High quality audio and surround sound.

• Free - no subscription fees.

• Access to interactive TV services such as online shopping, and video-on-demand via an internet connection. These services will be made available in the coming future.

• More TV channels and services which will be implemented soon.

• Personal video recording functions will be available in the future (only with MYTV decoder which is sold in the market).

Is myFreeview available if I live in a condominium/apartment?

myFreeview services can be received as long as an indoor/outdoor aerial is connected to an IDTV or otherwise to a MYTV decoder and your current TV. Your building management may need to install the Master Antenna TV System (MATV) so you can receive myFreeview digital broadcast services.

How is myFreeview different from Astro or HyppTV?

You can enjoy the most popular TV and radio channels in Malaysia on myFreeview for free without any subscription fees! myFreeview is an excellent choice if you do not wish to be tied down to a subscription package from paid TV services. As myFreeview is new hence our services are limited compared to Astro or HyppTV at the moment, but more channels will be made available soon to myFreeview in the future!

Can I use the MYTV decoder and the ASTRO satellite dish at the same time?

Yes, as long as your TV set has enough AV/HDMI input terminal to support both decoders.

How much does the Digital TV service cost?

myFreeview channels are FREE with no extra or hidden charges. You would only need to pay for a one-time purchase of a new IDTV/MYTV decoder and installation fees if you require assistance in installing an outdoor aerial or any maintenance services.